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“Each year, more than $200 billion worth of cargo is lost!”

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)


This means a constant loss of import revenues for countries all around the world. 

Goods that are meant for transit and have to leave  the country are staying without paying import taxes.

Customs are faced with a huge challenge to control and combat import fraud and are forced to spend large amounts  of money, time and resources on inefficient random controls.

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It is impossible to control all transit containers at ports of exit


There is a need for accurate monitoring and maximizing efficiency.



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There are more than 280 ways to breach a shipping container without breaking the seal!

According to the International Maritime Organization,  thieves have mastered the art of removing merchandise while leaving container door seals intact.  


Major challenges for customs officials:

  • The lack of transparency in the logistic supply chain. 
  • The inability to identify the exact location and the time of container breaches.
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Introducing the ultimate container monitoring solution...

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Hidden device with Internal installation

No possibility to tamper with the device from the outside because our proprietary patented sensor package enables our hardware to be installed inside the container with no visible exterior components.

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Simple setup

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Guaranteed Performance

  • Covers any maritime or terrestrial shipment.
  • Every device has a unique IMEI number.
  • Minimum of 120 days of active battery life.
  • Minimum of 5 years shelf life when properly stored. 
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Secure, reliable and zero-cost communications platform

The communications system is based on World-Wide GSM cellular service with coverage in 190 countries at no extra cost.


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Encrypted time stamped reporting  = certainty

A container breach (authorised or unauthorised) triggers an alert which is sent to the user-interface (UI)

  • 2-step military grade communications encryption.
  • Customisable reporting intervals to the UI provides a full history of all recorded events throughout the entire voyage.
  • The UI is an easy to use web based platform.
  • Container data can be uploaded by the customer (transit documents, packing list, invoice etc..).
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Highly sensitive detection

Internal environmental sensors:

  • Door opening sensor

  • Optic sensor to detect tiny variations of light inside the container

  • Temperature monitoring sensor

  • Humidity and dew sensor

  • Battery status

  • Location and date-stamp

  • Type of breach

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An investment in certainty and control

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